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bug wakes
to start her forums games stroll
black red flashes by
ain't nothing gonna steal my joy

@Twillow_RS|| #teamblue|| #Purple4life

23-Oct-2014 05:10:15

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Zion is a national park in the US of A
with sandstone cliffs of cream, pink, red, and grey
Should ever you have a chance to go
look high and low
for the peregrine falcon and the dung beetle make Zion its home
All you need is a little faith, trust, and pixie dust (heart)

Neverland, just off to the left of Lunar Isle and only a quest away

23-Oct-2014 17:31:59

Lady Deluxe

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His name is Poem
But where are his words
Lost over head?
In a deep, deep tunnel?
Over the sea, far, far aways?
Open our ears, our heart and eyes
For the words might appear
For us see on the page
Where all he wrote as plain as day

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Darkness and fire herald a storm;
The Dark Lord Erinn has come to form
An ode to the Real Dong U Dead
Whispered upon a new-found thread.

Upon first glance a sight surreal,
A faceless mask of studded steel.
Beyond this guise did fate design
By want and wit a soul benign.

03-Jul-2017 13:23:50

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