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Mod Neena, our newest CM Mod, recently joined the CM team a couple of weeks ago. The objective of this game is to count to 100 before she posts. She is active on the forums, and does post occasionally in Forum Games, so this may be a tough challenge. Also, she keeps her FC open, feel free to join :).


-The count resets to 0 when Mod Neena posts.
-Do not post a duplicate number
-If there are multiple posts in a row with the same number, just ignore them and don't count the duplicate numbers as the numbers they were supposed to be. (For example, if the number 5 is posted twice in a row, then post 6, not 7.)
-No double posting
-The count only resets when Mod Neena posts, so keep going if it reaches 100.


Amount of victories: 1

Highest Streak: 133

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