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Hey everyone,

Welcome to the game , dress the character! :)

The aim of this game is for us (the posters) to create a costume for a character!


Player 1 : I choose rune helm
Player 2 : chooses adamant platebody
Player 3 : chooses mithril platelegs
Player 4 : chooses fighting boots
Player 5 : chooses safety gloves
Player 6 : max cape

So we have these 6 sections (head, body, legs, feet, hands, cape) where we need to choose what this character needs to wear, and in the end the 6th person can wear this costume and add an image here in the forum (if they want,
its not obligatory

Note: Please don't choose any expensive item. All items must be cheap and bought from ge.

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11-Feb-2019 18:48:08

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