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I've raised this issue many times in the past. It has not been considered by Jagex as far as I know. I have done my personal best to not fall victim to the issue for quite awhile now, but it happened again to me tonight, so I thought I'd restate it for discussion and debate, and consideration by the programmers at Jagex.

Spices, a Trade Good on Ports, come in higher volumes than other Goods. For example, 40 Spices VS 8 Plate, Lacquer, Chi, etc. That's 5x as many. The cap for Goods is 250 of each. Since Spices come in in such larger batches, it's easy to accidentally cap out at 250 and lose Spices that exceed the cap. Boosts that can be used, and boosts from certain events, can increase the 40 per voyage up to, I think maybe 64 or so, making overages even more probable.

Please increase the cap from 250 to a number scaled to the quantity normally received. So 5x250. Or, make the cap a soft cap like Chimes, so 250 can be exceeded while you are within your Port, and you can deal with them before you leave, rather than immediately losing them. The former option would be better than the latter, in my opinion.
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