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Basically, this is to tell people who doesn't play anymore so we can kick them from the Clan. A large clan(potentially full) would do this to make room for new players, but it is hard when you don't even know when the person last played.
There are 3 main actions leaders tend to do.

Asking other members for info on when someone last played.
Using a third party website to check player daily xp gains.
Keeping tabs on people who didn't cap for the week and checking back a week later to see if they still didn't cap. Though, they could still be active in the game. That is their own fault at that point if they get kicked.

I was thinking of some of the various messages you could see.

has been last active 3 hours ago.

has last played 3 hours ago.

Last Active:
3 hours

Last Played:
3 hours ago

I am not sure if I explained it well, but it seems decent.

What does everyone think? Show some support. :)
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