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Friends Chat: GoldTrimmers
Get your Tickets today!
Applications must be filled out to join


Hello fair community of Runescape! Ever thought about obtaining a halo, a faithful shield or perhaps even trying to get full profound? Tired of tie games or no consecutive wins? Well today we offer the ability to do so. You will win TWO tickets per game!

Our Friends chat was created to help obtain Hybrid helmets, halos and the ability to finish the Trimmed Completions Requirement.

All Levels are welcome included level 3 skillers (must have a high total level)!

General Inquires

Friends chat:
Active - ask in the fc for further details

Due to the high volume of applications we receive during Castle Wars spotlights and Bonus Ticket weekends; we will no longer be reviewing applications for the duration of these events. If you are interested in applying for membership in our Friend's chat, please refrain from submitting applications during those times.

Keep in mind the space in our Friend's chat is limited, if you do not plan to play Castle Wars at least once every week
fill out an application for us to review.

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An application is a must, you are required to fill out an application due to enemies, crashers and for our record.Please read the thread before completing the application to see if you are accepted and visit the friends chat after add to avoid removal.


Combat level?
What clan are you in?
Previous Clans?
Have you been in any other Minigames Friends Chat and what are the fc names?
Have you ever played Castle Wars?
Are you aiming for the trimmed completionist requirement?
If not, what are you aiming for?
Why pick us? (if someone referred you - name of the user!)
Time zone?
Do you accept all the rules and the consequences if you were to break a rule?
Describe 1 of the rules and why it is important?
Will you bump our thread?
Will you be using our Discord?
Who is one of the staff/owners of the FC?
Describe something under 'Important Must Read'?
Describe something about our Warning System?
Sign your RSN if you agree:
I accept that I may removed from the FC if I become inactive.


After Applying:

-Once accepted we will pm you or check back on the forums, and will be added to the friends chat.
-Please state that you are NEW when joining the games for the first time to let the friends chat know your new.
-Remember to always state when you join or leave games (say 2gw for leaving).
-Please Add Our Friends Chat GoldTrimmers to your Friends List.
-Also if you ever leave the friends chat or finish your requirement and desire to not be apart of the community anymore let us know.

We delete inactives, so please inform staff ranks if you know you will be inactive ahead of time.

If you were previously added you can pm a staff or re-post an app to be re-added

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Staff List

Friends Chat Owners

Darius Silve (Owner of FC)
Nuggette (European time zone)
Dazza Mate (Australian time zone)


Skrimd (American time zone)
Aens (American time zone)
Pernix (Australian time zone)


Griffinbork (American time zone)
Contempt (American time zone)
Aizzz (European time zone)
Slis (Indian time zone)

If you have any questions about the fc before or after applying, feel free to pm a staff listed.

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Important must read & Word Definitions

- You must be active at least once a week, inform a staff rank if you cannot for certain reasons.

- Please be respectful of the players permanently losing, these players are all aiming for 5k games, and because of them this is possible.

- When you join the Friends Chat and want to play castle wars. You MUST ask to join the games in the friends chat to be added to the games.

= Zamorak to Saradomin or Zamorak to other side,
= blue portal/team
Perm = Permanently on a team
Temp = Temporary on a team then back to your Permanent Team
= Finishing your current game that you are in and one game which where you will sac.(You must state this before you leave the game)
= Player who will be on the losing Team.

-A Coordinator will allocate you a team and tell you the current time in game (in game time+3 minutes for the waiting time).

- When leaving games let the friends chat know by stating 2gw which stands for 2 game warning, this will include the current game you are in and 1 game after which you will sac.

- If you have to temporary leave (Doing ports or getting things from grand exchange) or may suddenly quit(network troubles) let the friend chat know or the coordinator.

- A staff member will pm you all other rules, once they have accepted your application. OR you can pm them after being added for more details

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0. Try to be Geared at all Times - with Auto Retaliate Off and if games are being crashed be ready to leave the Friends chat when asked if you are not in the running games until crashes are over. (please return into the Fc after 1-2 hrs from when we were crashed)

1. No Botting, No Multi-login, All jagex rules apply

2. Offensive language does exist in the FC try to keep it to a minimum and stop when asked (Do NOT target one person) Contact a staff rank if there is any issues,no reporting.

3. No bickering with players, causing drama or flaming each other. Respect all friend chat/clan chat members (if you do NOT agree explain why you think your right without using vulgar words.)

4. Private chat must be off if required by the friends chat

5. Do NOT defend the enemy we’re facing off against – they are the enemy because either they hacked, scammed, back-stabbed someone from our friends chat or are simply trying to cause the Friend Chat harm by crashing.

6. Let us know when you are joining games and leaving (explained below)

7. Do NOT attack friend chat members – (unless approved by both players).

8. Do NOT use a person in powers name to excuse yourself.

9. Do NOT defend an enemy friends chat or a rival friends chat. (chances are the friends chat has caused us harm or done so to someone in the friend chats)

10. Treat others as you would want them to treat you.

Please be advise those who break the rules may or will be removed from the Friends Chat.

If you think there is anyone in the Friends Chat breaking our rules, pm a staff rank and tell them the situation.

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Warning System

The Friends chat works in a 3 warning system method, and can get a warning from breaking any of the rules.

1st warning
- Verbal Warning.
2nd Warning
- Perm Zammy to Sara until warning expires(2 weeks).
3rd Warning
- 24 hours of removal from games.

After 3 Warning you will be removed from games and not be allowed back in.

This includes:
- Not letting the friend chat know when you are joining games or leaving
- Disruptive behavior and not respecting other players.
- Not following Coordinators or Staff instructions when need to.
- Not following our method
- Etc...
All warning expire after 2 weeks, from which date they had been assigned.

If you were removed from the friends chat and you have warnings, you must wait until warnings expires to be re-added

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Thalers vs Castle War and Castle War + Thalers

Pieces for Profound Armour:

--------- Cw Tickets -- Thaler
Helmet - 650 --------- 7,475
Body --- 1,100 ------- 12,650
Legs ---- 800 --------- 9,200
Sword -- 800 --------- 9,200
Shield -- 800 --------- 9,200
Total --- 4,150 -------- 47,725

Option 1: Thaler

1 Thaler Per Minute
Buying pieces:
With Thalers: Helm, Body, Legs, Sword, Shield
With Tickets: N/A

Total Time Need:
Minutes: 47,725
Hours: 47,725/60 = 795.5

This does not include any lobby time as all minigame(s) lobby time varies from 1 to 5 minutes.

Option 2: Only Gold Tickets

Tickets per Game: 2
Time per Game: 20 Minutes (with lobby its 23)
Buying pieces:
With Thalers: N/A
With Tickets: Helm, Body, Legs, Sword, Shield

Games Won: 2,075
Total Time Need:
Format: In game (with lobby)
Minutes:41,500 (47,725)
Hours: 691.7 (795.5)

---Option 3: Castle War with Thalers NO Spotlight<---

Tickets per Game: 2
Thaler per Game: 2 (Max: 3) Varies between 2 and 3
Time per Game: 23 Minutes
Buying pieces:
With Thalers: Helmet
With Tickets: Body, Legs, Sword, Shield

Games Won: 1,923
Total Time Need:
Format: 2 Thalers
Minutes: 44,225
Hour: 738.1

Option 3 our method of how we play our games, it is the fastest method around that is approved by Jagex. We also do play during spotlight but this calculation does not include it.

If any questions/concern, pm a staff

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Coord - (Abbreviation for Coordinator) the person who runs the games.
Conf - (Abbreviation for Confirm) The most common term used for confirming that they have seen the coordinator calls given to them.
Temp - (Abbreviation for Temporarily) means to Temporarily SWAP TEAMS for ONE game.
Perm - (Abbreviation for Permanent) means Permanent Team until assigned otherwise.
Sac - The player that loses the game (stays in Zamorak or Saradomin until login is called).
Rng - (Abbreviation for Random Name Generator) we use this generator to Randomly picked our Sac.
Perm Sac - Players that permanently lose games for the FC.
Buy in - Join either team (through the portals).
Sell - Lobby to open up space (either team)*
G(w) - (Abbreviation for Game Warning(s)) used to give advanced warning to the coordinator when you are going to leave games. Given in terms of games played before your Sac.
Ins - In and Sold (when buying in to Saradomin you call this AFTER lobbying to let the players after you know that there is a spot open).
inz - In Zammy
Stack - When players pile up outside a portal instead of balancing the portals.
Snipe - Joining before it was your turn in portal.

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