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-Username: Redwigon
-Combat Level: 138
-What clan are you a part of?: Quickstrike
-How did you hear about us? If you have a referral or vouch please name them: Spotleewolf
-Have you completed the quest Summer's End for Corp Cave teleport?: Yes
-Will you follow all our rules and gear requirements, including our tier 80 weapon requirement?: Yes
-Have you had any experience with other Warband-related FCs, if so, tell us which and if applicable, reason for leaving them: Yes - Almostlost fc - stopped playing
-Will you add Masterbands to your Friends List?: Yes
-Will you make a bank preset for your Warbands gear and inventory for quick access mid-wave?: Yes
-Will you try to join FC at least 30 minutes prior to the start of Warbands?: Yes
-Will you use TeamSpeak during waves (microphone not required)?: Yes
-Will you partake in PKing during the wave and be prepared to surrender any and all loot you may have in your inventory to help the rest of the FC if an unexpected attack happens?: Yes, will try as much as possible
-Do you promise to not leave the event before the host calls over, knowing that if you do leave without a legitimate excuse you will be removed from the FC?: Yes
-Any additional comments/information you would like us to know: Not really
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