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We're a laid back clan with a focus on not being like these newer clans. Do you remember a decade ago when we actually got together a did stuff instead of sitting in the clan chat all day saying 'No, next time though!...'? We're the decade ago; we slay together, skill together, quest together, and we argue with each other.

We aren't for the light hearted folks out there. We curse, we call each other names, we're often mean to each other. It's all sarcastic, but hey...people can't tell the difference anymore.

Now down to the nitty-gritty:

Founders - This guy posting right now, Amphitritex, Asherin

Clan Home World - 82

Time Zone - GMT -5 or 6 (EST) (That's US based for those would can't do time-zones)

Requirements: Don't act like a 13 year old child and put some actual thought into your insults. We aren't a free play clan; so Runescape Membership.

Rules: Don't take it too far. If you get hurt, use your common sense and walk away to cool off. No one here is going to care about your hurt feelings; you're an adult.
Also - Follow all Jagex rules - Duh!

Citadel - Do it or don't do it. No one needs a mandatory slave drive to be part of the fun.

Want to apply on the forums? Go ahead...i'll check every week or so
. Ooooooor you could just hop in the CC and have a conversation; w
e bite, but we know how not to leave marks >; )

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