Naruto Redemption RS3/OSRS

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Ah memories ^_^
“Knowledge is not enough. It never is. It’s the capacity to do something with that knowledge. To do it perfectly. Absolute Timing. With devastating consequences.”

20-Dec-2018 21:50:23

I Koba
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I Koba

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Do you play RS3, Old School RS or Both? RS3

Combat Level: 135

Total Level: 2370

Do you have any skill capes or other impressive Achievment capes you want to share?
slayer attack defense hp magic ranged...
Preferred Combat Type?
What is your highest noncombat skill?
slayer 99 (technically noncombat) herblore 97
What is your favorite skill to train?
Who is your favorite Naruto character?
Zabuza Deidara and Shisui
Any other Anime/Manga you like
Rurouni Kenshin YuYu hakusho death note etc etc
Are you able to bump the thread?
How often are you online?
Which village will you choose sand leaf, cloud, mist, or stone? (no choice results in lowest numbered village assigned to you)
If you watch/read Naruto what chapter/part are you on?
finished. boruto newest anime release on hulu if that counts
Are you willing to do citadel work?
Have you been in this clan before if so what was your runescape name then?
yes. Barberosa2. I was Mizukage for a bit and sanin before everyone quit :( then joined the second iteration and just now saw this thread. im still in the second iteration clan
Has anyone from Naruto Redemption clan recommended you to join this clan?
What are rules 1 and 9 of this clan?
dont offend people / council+ must rank
Any personal information you want to share?
gibs old rank plz

24-Dec-2018 04:50:00

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