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phat druid
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phat druid

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Brand new on the market!!!

We have only just started up, a whole new clan run by a bunch of friends looking to give you all a free place to be yourself :D

Leader - SpideyWebz
Co-owner - Saraar

current other members - phat druid, x dstr x, destabalised and soph.

always looking for more, if interested our home world is w62, message anyone of us and we will endeavour to help :)

I am NOT going to do the same speal that everyone else does, then tell you "don't do this don't do that" the clan is here for you to be you, just be respectful of everyone in the clan and most importantly, be yourself.

hope to see you there :D

clan chat :unruly tyrants

09-Sep-2019 20:19:00

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