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TKOTRBG Community 18+ is open to all People from Gamers to Music lovers and even anime lovers or people to chill out with . If you Love any of those then you came to the right place. We are also a NA & EU Community.
As A Community We strive to become the best and the most friendliest non toxic community. We play all kinds of games together. We host lots of events. We also host giveaways. So what are you waiting for? Come and join Our Amazing Community We are also support all kinds of people So join Us!

Here is our Discord Invite:
Discord is also a voice chat for everyone to use and it can be use for texting as well.

And Here is our Website:
The website is so you can see what else we offer and what we do. Hope to see you soon!
Facebook Group:

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The Clan Home Forum is for discussion or planning threads, if a clan feels the need to have one separate from their recruitment thread or the private clan forums attached to their RS Clan Page.

It is not to be used for recruiting.

If your clan is a RuneScape (RS3) clan, you may pick the Recruitment Forum that is the best fit for the clan, depending on your minimum entry requirements or specialty, if you have no entry requirements. If this is an OSRS clan, then the Old School Clans Forum is the place to post.

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