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is about bringing players from all over the world into one clan with the common goal of supporting each other.

We do
, and various other clan events. Being an active member of the clan ensures you to learn from our experienced members different skills that will aid you during your time in Gileanor.

are awarded based on recruitment and capping based activities. The list of all members will be updated frequently,so that you will be duly rewarded for your efforts in the progression and growth of the clan. We maintain an active clan chat and citadel skill plots are open for free capping and xp each week. Do not forget to claim your weekly
bonus xp
from the Quartermaster in the Citadel Keep!

Guests are always welcome to drop in for any queries that they may have regarding our clan.

Check us out at our Discord Channel

Click here >>Continental Fusion

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The rules of Continental Fusion are simple,

1. Please keep the clan chat drama-free by personal messaging the highest ranking member online if a problem arises. We will try to solve the issue privately.

2. Do not ask for money, gifts, or loans - this is absolutely not allowed because of the potential for abuse and fraud. DO NOT trust trade items or money, instead only use the hourly Item Lending system to ensure the safe return of your items!

3. Be respectful of other's viewpoints and do not discuss sensitive and potentially divisive issues in clan chat such as politics, religion, racism, illegal topics, drugs, adult content, etc.

4. When asked to change the topic or take something out of clan, please do so and do not argue. If you believe someone is overstepping please come to a co-owner privately.

5. Do not Troll, Flame or excessive use of offensive language. Repeated violations will result in deranking and possible removal from the clan.

6. Do not Lure, Scam, or Hack. If proven you will be immediately banned from clan.

7. Do not purposefully target or kill clan-mates in Mini-games (e.g. Spawn Killing, etc), Wilderness (e.g. ragging, etc), or other PvP areas (e.g. NSing in Clan Wars, etc).
*Our clan members are part of almost every WarBands - whenever possible please refrain from attacking other clan members during WBS.

8. Do not crash clan-mates in any activity. This creates unnecessary tension and problems. Please do not diminish the playing experience of others.

9. Please use English in the clan chat so that we all may easily understand each other.

10. If you will be unable to play for an extended period of time please let us know by posting or messaging a leader ingame so that we may preserve your position within the clan!

11. Follow all official RuneScape rules & have fun!

*Please note that while we strive to be fair and accurate in our decisions, we do reserve the right to take any action need

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** Promotion Requirements **
Minimum Requirements
Corporal- need to cap for one week
*Sergeant- Needs to cap 2 weeks and recruit one person
*Lieutenant- Must cap 3 weeks, recruit 2 people and donate at least 500k for a clan event
1*Captain- Must have capped at least 8 times in total and recruit 5 people.
1*General- Must have capped at least 10 times in total and recruit 8 people

*= this rank can use the ô+1 -1 recruitö method. An example would be this: if you were a corporal and wanted to be promoted to sergeant, you would need to cap 2 times and recruit one person who must also cap for that week. However, with the +1 -1 method you can recruit 3 people and cap one week. Once your recruits cap, as well as you, you will receive your rank. Basically one recruit = one less or one more you week need to cap. (Something to be noted is if a rank says X amount of recruits are required, that number is set and cannot be adjusted. Referring back to the corporal to sergeant example, you canĺt cap 3 weeks, recruit zero people and move up to sergeant. You must recruit that one person.)

1*= basically the itĺs the +1 -1 method except with weeks. The weeks are required and the amount of recruits can change ( to a minimum of 1). An example would be lieutenant to captain, you need to cap a total of 8 times (8 times since you joined the clan, not get lieutenant rank and then cap 8 more times) and recruit 5 people. You can instead cap 12 times in total and recruit one person.

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