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Are you looking for a newly formed clan and looking to PVM? Do you like raids? Wanna rax? GWD2? We are a group of highly skilled runescape members who just like to have fun. If PVM isnt your thing, thats fine, come and hang with us and learn a few things. Maybe you'll like PVM just as much as we do. No, we arent just a PVM clan but that is our focus. We are looking to grow and are serious about making the game fun again with a group of friends. Capping isnt enforced but if you want to rank up within the clan then capping weekly is essential. If you want to just check us out come guest and hopefully we can convince you to join. If you have any questions please contact ME:
-Brownie Mix
-cpt synciiz

Happy Scaping

15-Aug-2016 02:50:40

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