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Hello and welcome to Saradomin's Norsemen

We are a Viking like clan that hosts a Tier 4 Citadel that's always growing. However unlike the fremennik or the moonclan we follow Saradomin. We are also an intelligent and friendly member base that will motivate you and help you create the Runescape account you've been working so hard for, or just to chat with you while you AFK after school or work. We often organize boss groups for the God Wars Dungeon bosses, Kalphite King and Queen and many other Bossing Monsters. So if you've been looking for a clan to help you progress or you just want to branch out and meet more awesome people in the Runescape community, you've came to the right province!

There's only a handful of simple requirements to join:

Since it is the sixth age and there are many inactive Saradominist clans. We try to keep this one active so you must be a follower of Saradomin in order to join and stay. (We aren't cult though) You must cap at the citadel every week so we can meet upkeep and upgrade it. Also this is a p2p only clan. There is really no point in taking f2p players because they can't cap at the citadel and do most of the bosses with us. Finally you have to take your forum picture while wearing a Saradomin/Viking style outfit. We are willing to help you acquire and/or brainstorm what you should wear.

If you have any questions you can pm me at any time my online status is open to everyone! Also feel free to post a reply to this forum or join our chat as a guest. Be sure to check out the story and purpose of the clan on our homepage!

Thank you for your consideration!

-Divine Yoda, King of Saradomin's Norsemen
-C-town, Leader of Knights Of Saradomin

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