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HSY freedom

HSY freedom

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I have been on-and-off playing RS over the past 11 years (usually with a few months of play then years of haitus).
I just came back from haitus after 3 years and would like to get a membership. The last time I was a member was about 6 years ago for about a month.

My current stats are:
80 attack
73 strength
70 defense
55 archery
58 prayer
63 magic
65 Dungeoneering
51 runecrafting
54 agility (from last membership)
51 crafting
59 mining
58 smithing
70 fishing
77 cooking
54 firemaking
69 woodcutting
Everything else is below level 50.

I have 16M for disposal.

I have completed almost no quests in membership.

I would like to ask :
1. if I wanted to train combat, what would be the gear that I should get for my current stats
2. If I wanted to make money, what would be the best method?
3. What skills should I train that'll be not-so-grindy during membership?

Thank you in advance!

04-Jul-2018 06:14:52

Dark Gaia
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Dark Gaia

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1) Bandos/Barrows gear. If Barrows get Guthans. That's for Melee btw. Look in the skill guide on the stat menu for Range + Mage

2) Start slayer I guess. Will raise combat stats that way too.

3) All skills are a grind in this game, Getting to 76 fishing and catching Sharks until 90 (at which point you'll go to W84 rocktails) would be a good way to pass time if I had to pick the least grindiest skill activity
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