Camouflage Fragments

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Uhm, not sure if this is only my problem but I stoped receiving Camouflage Fragment from pickpocketing. and i mean at all. These are the steps that i took to ensure that the technical issue is not from my end.

1. Pickpocket Elves and Marketeers for several hours to make sure that it wasn't just luck.
2. Talked and checked all my option with Martin Thwait, as far as i can see, there is no Toggle on and off option for Fragments
3. I only have 2 pieces, Not even close to having all 15 pieces,
4. I still have 754 fragments in my pouch and not getting any more. (it did not reset to 0 so i know there is no way that i possess all pieces.

Thanks and Love, Signed Titus

30-Dec-2017 17:32:03

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Thread moved to a more suitable forum for getting advice regarding skilling; the Website & Forums forum is meant for feedback and discussion regarding the RuneScape website and the RuneScape forums.

31-Dec-2017 19:06:07

Stoat Ferric
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Stoat Ferric

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Got a message saying I'd received all the camo frags, yet in reality it's left me 7 short of what I need, so I only have 14 pieces. I've tried to get more with no luck, is this a glitch, or is it another conspiracy against iron accounts?

09-Feb-2018 17:45:42

Oct Member 2018


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Hello, I have a similar issue, my account doesn't get Camouflage fragments at all even though I have verified that it is turned on with Martin Thwait. I have 4 pieces of the set with Diego and 2120 fragments in currency pouch. I am up to 96 thieving now and haven't gotten a single new fragment since I re-joined members in October.

30-Nov-2018 16:12:44

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