Crafting Ivandis flair

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Hello, I'm trying to complete the Morytania hard achievements. In order to do so, I need to make an Ivandis flail. I have all the items (mitrill bars, silver bars, runes and the moulds), but I cannot make anything with the silver bars. When I deposit them into some furnace at Falador smithing/smelthing thingy I cannot find them again.

Can anyone tell me how to make a Silvtrill rod and a Silvtrill chain using the new smithing? Thank you!

18-Jul-2019 20:10:32

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Click on the furnace to open the Smelting interface. On the left hand side, scroll down below the ores to find the "Casting Metals" section. Click on one of the casting metal types to open the crafting menu in the center of the interface.

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18-Jul-2019 22:12:29

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