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Just wanted to update

Fremmy trials as of 6/23/2019

The 4 forms for fremmy blade fight vote - kill normally he doesnt die so no xp gained.

The huntsman task - recoil the spirit guy

So still saf no change.

Its been 2 years since the info page number so. Anyway good news
Woo Lord Rules

Hitpoint Hierarchy | @BlackstonRS

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Ludo Bagman
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Ludo Bagman

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Priest in Peril - Deathtouched darts work on Cerebus. Only method that allows absolutely no HP exp gain (recoiling him down to 1hp and killing gives .1 exp). Recoil/TFK does not work on the Monk's for golden key, need Provoke.

Tree Gnome Village - BN/recoil not working on the general. Provoke ability (24 Def req) works.
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