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Hello I logged on and went straight to my POF. I took buckets in my inventory to collect my dragon manure. There were both red and green manure in my three dragon pens. So I duly collected it and then I found that all the buckets were full of Ultra compost. Hmm.

I thought that maybe that was because I was wearing my master farmer outfit.

So when the manure appeared again I took off my master farmer outfit to see what came in my buckets and I found dragon manure and green manure.

So I thought Aha!

Then I put on my master farmer outfit again to collect the next manure, and the buckets were still full of dragon manure and green manure.

My question is this... how did my first buckets of manure that I collected, both dragon and green manure, appear in my inventory as ultra compost?

18-Jul-2019 11:54:46

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