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The following fixes and tweaks have now been implemented. If you believe a change has not been documented, either in the patch notes or the news posts for this week’s update, please detail the change so that it may be added.

As always, be sure to submit a bug report should you encounter a gameplay bug or graphical glitch in-game.

PVM and Combat

  • Dormant Anima core drops have been removed from broadcasts.

  • Abomination cape drops now broadcast to the current world.

  • Added the respective monster name to the Champions Scrolls broadcast (i.e. 'Mod Meadows has received a Champions scroll (Goblin).')

  • The Reprisal ability can now be manually triggered again after using it, to return the damage to your opponent earlier

  • Havoc and Smash's shared cooldown is now shown correctly in ability icon cooldown clocks.

  • Cleave's cooldown clock is now displayed correctly when activated by its shared cooldown with the dragon halberd special attack

  • Fixed an issue where Tuska's Wrath would go on cooldown even if a player had not selected a magic attack whilst using magic combat.

  • Verak Lith's ricocheted breath can no longer be healed from with the Resonance ability.

  • Quests

  • Fixed a typo in Pieces of Hate quest.

  • It is no longer possible to get an excessive amount of 'The Stuff' from looting Pirate Implings

  • Zimberfizz' chathead will no longer appear after finishing Soul Wars game if you have completed Nomad's Elegy.

  • Other

  • Corrected a typo in Daya's dialogue during the Eye for an Eye miniquest.

  • Typos in Grondaban's Stalker notes resolved.

  • Change prayer cape perk description to say offering bones instead of burning bones.

  • The maplink at the entrance to Lumbridge Swamp Caves has been moved closer to the entrance to Lumbridge Swamp Caves.

  • Birhday Cake The 15th anniversary cake is now known as the anniversary cake and as such the text prompts have been adjusted accordingly.

  • The Clay Quality column of the Stealing Creation - Creation Kiln interface no longer remains pressed down when the Clay Quality is changed.

  • Removed a part of the fence and added a path into the Wizards' Guild's west entrance.

  • Fixed some spelling and grammar issues with the Agent of the Eldest set.

  • The Auto Disassembler and Auto Alcher should no longer hold reclaimable items such as rune pouches, which was effectively allowing players to receive multiples of these items.

  • Added Runecrafting level to cyclone and mind storm nodes, and air and mind esslings examines.

  • Elite Unspeakable Horror can no longer spawn in the cave wall.

  • Players may now summon pets in the dangerous clan wars portal.

  • The torn grimoire page examine text has been updated.

  • A spelling error with the examine text of the Guthix dragonhide vambraces has been fixed.

  • A grammatical error in the Last Riders book has been fixed.

  • An antipoison already in effect message no longer appears when drinking Guthix rest potions while another antipoison source is active.

  • A grammatical error in "The Story of Phodopis" has been corrected

  • Rare item store shown prices now correctly reflect the actual cost.

  • The rock in the south west corner of the Grand Exchange will no longer be able to be walked on or over.

  • Redeeming small xp lamp from Brimhaven Agility Arena no longer shows same message twice.

  • Fixed examines for seeds in the Mrs. Winkin's shop.

  • Players will no longer freeze where they stand in certain instances when teleporting to the Rune Essence mine

  • Players who have toggled beneficial boosts off will no longer receive pulse core buffs.

  • Sloane will no longer refer to himself as Yadech when attempting to recruit him for While Guthix Sleeps

  • Players can now use favorited memory strands to teleport to the Guthix memorial

  • You can no longer place kick-able objects in the wilderness.

  • Player is now unable to teleport to house while the POH is currently being loaded.

  • The trapdoor lever in a PoH throne room can now only be manipulated on members' worlds, to prevent F2P from being dropped into a dungeon room to which they do not have access.

  • Some teleport locations and warnings for the Superior Locator have been updated so it will no longer teleport players into inappropriate places and will provide appropriate warnings for locations in the Wilderness

  • The check-requirements OP on master quest cape will no provide feedback if you meet all requirements.

  • Fire spirits that spawn whilst using protean logs will now grant rewards based on your firemaking level.

  • Players are now prompted to complete the "Wanted!" quest in order to start "Devious Minds".

  • Players currently unable to continue the Devious Minds quest will have to complete the "Wanted!" quest to continue.

  • Corrected an issue with the beginning cutscene during the Giant Dwarf quest.

  • Corrected an incorrect XP listing on Make-X for wrapped oomlie.

  • Fixed an issue in NXT during the cutscene of Garden of Tranquility where a roof was blocking the view of the tree.

  • Some hooded capes can now be stored in PoH cape rack.

  • Loot beams and in-game messages will now show the correct drop amount at Nex.

  • The Paterdomus beacon has been graphically updated when in the "warning" and "emergency" states of the All Fired Up minigame.

  • The Pet interface now defaults to the correct type of pet when opened with a pet summoned.

  • The loot message for the Onyx Bolts bolts drop from Kalphite king has been adjusted to better represent the amount given.

  • A ring of recoil will no longer stunt your progress in the Royal Trouble quest.

  • A small hole is tuskas back has been patched over. Poor lass.

  • The Mask of Mourning now correctly states the ground floor of Morytania Slayer Tower instead of the first floor

  • The Love story quest overview was still using a legacy combat level in it's description. This has been changed accordingly.

  • The text that appears when attempting to buy from a shop with a full inventory now correctly fits in its box.

  • Made several changes to instanced sections of quests to show more of the surrounding game world in an effort to make the scenes feel more immersive. Quest included in this update are Let them Eat Pie during the confrontation with Rollo and Plague's End during the Mourner HQ and Ardougne castle segments.

  • Fixed a typo in the dialog when handing back the wedding ring to Angof.

  • Fixed a typo with the Almost made in Ardougne achievement.

  • Jeremy Servil has been renamed to Sammy Servil.

  • It is once again possible to plant various seeds in the Wilderness herb patch.

  • Fixed a typo when the fishing skillcape perk activates.

  • Fixed a typo with Captain Bleemdage in the One Small Favour quest.

  • Fixed a typo 'prayer prayer' when activating curses quick prayer when on standard prayer book.

  • A few tiles in the Wizards Guild have had unnecessary blocking removed from them.

  • Players that have encountered a bug that stopped them from accessing pest control landers now have their access restored.

  • Crystal trees now move locations at a specific time, starting at 0:00 game time, moving once every two hours.

  • When winning multiple Sombrero's from Treasure Hunter, players will now correctly receive coins instead of duplicates

  • The Zanaris cow wheel had a graphical issue which has now been fixed

  • Trying to equip Player-owned-Ports armour when not having the Defence requirement will no longer change the item lose charge.

  • A grammatical issue in the Kindred Spirits quest in relation to Sliske when talking about Guthan's secret has been fixed.

  • The Hellion Cape now has had some graphical adjustments and should now look much better with dual wield sheathed blades.

  • Fixed a grammatical oddity in the enchanting interface when enchanting multiple ruby necklaces.

  • The Rune Capers event interface now correctly references if a cloak is unlocked or not.

  • Rune Capers Mystery boxes are no longer dropped when received if the player has a full inventory.

  • Players that couldn't complete their skilling outfits can find that they'll now be able to get the required fragments if they couldn't before.

  • Resolved an issue with the camera sometimes facing downwards when teleporting into Prifddinas.

  • A login check has been implemented to make the camera face North without requiring any strange camera rotations whilst logging in.

  • The in-game calendar will no longer flash on each login for players who haven't accessed it yet.

  • Fixed a typo with the partially filled jar in the Hall of Memories.

  • Evil Dave Quest rewards XP is now given out in the form of lamps.

  • Fixed numerous typos in the Evil Dave's Big Day Out quest.

  • Corrected typos on the tooltips for Mutated Flurry and Mutated Fury.

  • Elite Dungeon 2 music tracks now unlock more consistently when playing in group mode.

  • Kuroryu pet now has 'Send home' option.

  • Chaos boots now correctly list the Shabby book as a requirement instead of the Notched book.

  • Players that suffer with arachnophobia will now have the option to flip the arraxor puzzles.

  • The buff bar will now display the correct amount of charges when a player is using a 'Sign of the Porter' to collect Mort Myre Fungus.

  • "Work on your Artisan" achievement will now correctly unlock requirements corresponding to the players reward shop unlocks

  • 'Do not Elite' will no longer be incorrectly achieved upon completing the quest Do no Evil.

  • Corrected a typo in Sliske's Endgame quest.
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    Ninja Fixes

  • Adjusted clickzones for crawling corpse torsos in the Lumbridge catacombs.

  • Burthorpe Games Room, Giant Mole, King Black Dragon and Chaos Elemental are now listed as F2P in the Grouping System.

  • Beneath Cursed Tides, Gower Quest and Let Them Eat Pie are now listed as F2P in RuneMetrics on the RuneScape website.

  • An issue with the worldmap quest icons for these quests (that prevented them from being toggled off) has been corrected: Impressing the Locals, Sliske's Endgame, The Jack of Spades, Gower Quest.

  • The tooltip for Drakan's medallion now lists remaining teleport charges.

  • The digsite pendant can now to be used to teleport to the Exam Centre, to the south of the dig site.

  • Tamayu now has option to trade for spears.

  • Fairy dossier (Fairy Tale 3), Economy building for dummies (Do No Evil), Philipe's note (Carnillean Rising), Ballad (Spirits of the Elid), Dusty scroll (In Aid of the Myreque), Ransom letter (Some Like It Cold), Report (Within the Light) are now reclaimable from the PoH bookcase.

  • Armadyl communiqué is available to those who received it after the betrayal route of Temple of Ikov.

  • Made Necrovarus' Notes and Letter from King Raddallin available to everyone.

  • The Desert Amulet 4 now has the ability to teleport the player to the Ruins of Uzer.

  • The original Nex encounter will now count towards the 'God Wars - Like a Boss' daily challenge.

  • Removed references to FunOrb in quick chat options and Stronghold of Security questions.

  • Buckets of slime can now be emptied.

  • King Black Dragon boss instance timer no longer remains after teleporting out.

  • Corrected an issue with requirements to start Legends' Quest.

  • The guard outside the Legends' Guild will now display the Legends' Quest overview screen if you don't meet all of its requirements.

  • Wolf bone arrowheads and flighted ogre arrows now have a "Tip" option, opening Make-X for Fletching.

  • Updated some of the interface elements around Divination craters to streamline them with modern interface styles.

  • Brought the divination crater interfaces to be aligned between the surface world and dungeoneering versions.

  • Updated the Wisp Colonies map.

  • The drag sensitivity on the lodestone interface and abilities & items on the actionbar has been reduced.

  • Skill tutor icons in Burthorpe/Taverley now display a tooltip when hovered on the worldmap.

  • Players with non usable 'enchanted slayer helmet' will now be able to convert the item to regular slayer helmet.

  • Fixed a typo on corrupted egg's examine.

  • The Ardougne cape thieving effect now correctly stacks with the Master Thieving skillcape and Max cape when the perk is stored in it.

  • Divine Spirits once again give xp when wearing a firemaking cape.

  • Enjoy!
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    haha my chat box is still broken after 13 months and reporting in game a few times please fix it
    Thank You, dear Jagex you are great, GUTHIX will praise you one day, i cried a little when Guthix died he was and still could be my favorite god in all of rs. it broke my <3 that day i sorta resorted to skipping thru the lore nowadays =/

    28-Aug-2018 10:40:27

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    That looks really nice. But a quick question: Where can I make the dung outfits with the fragments? I can't see it at a Invention Workbench and also not as a blueprint.
    But great work guys

    28-Aug-2018 10:44:16

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    Mod Meadows said:
    Dormant Anima core drops have been removed from broadcasts.

    Abomination cape drops now broadcast to the current world.

    Nice list of patches, keep up the work, but those 2 were fixed last week? Pretty sure they were also listed in the previous weeks patch notes O_o
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