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how can i cancel membership on an account that was hijacked and i cant log into cancel membership, rather not have to change out my whole debit card for a new one and so onn

19-Mar-2019 22:14:44

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Hi there

Membership can be cancelled without access to the account.
Go to the Cancel Subscription support page and follow the appropriate instructions.

Also, if the account is hijacked, you should take steps to secure your device, force the hijacker out and then re-secure your account.
Instructions: Hijacked account
Jagex will also investigate the hijack when you submit a recovery and take action against the main account of the hijacker.

p.s. re your card.
A hijacker cannot use the card offsite as the full card number/expiry is not visible.
They might be able to use it to buy Bonds on your account if you left the "remember my card details for next time" box ticked.
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