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I wanted to post this here, as I feel it needs more immediate attention than just general chat. However, I've been noticing an alarming rate of twitch streamers, creating phishing websites, and claiming to do a " X GP Drop Party/Giveaway."

In Summary, they tell the watchers that they need to post on their "RS Forum Thread" to be eligible to enter the giveaway (twitch roll, etc.) They then have a phishing forum site created, which people enter their details, only to arrive at a fake page.

Due to the title of the chat, I've seen thousands of people in one stream falling for this. Is there anything currently being done to combat this issue? It's quite alarming to witness.

19-Mar-2019 18:02:11

Skod River
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Skod River

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Hey JGtheLegend.

Well Jagex are doing everything they can , with help from the community's.

But since those Phishings scams are happening out side their own domain , is it a little more hard to combat it with out the help from the communitys.

Problem is this , each time any of us from the community runs into those from Twitch , do we report them to Twitch and they pull the plug on them pretty fast , but as soon they are closed , are their already 10 new once up running , so it is a evil battle with out any winners.

The same if we see those Youtube videos are we doing the same , But in my own experience are they not as fast as twitch , but they do pull the plug and 10 new are up running again.

Even those FB Adds , but they are so slow to pull them down in my own experience.

We can also report those to or send them the ULR's to

So they do have a few in-game events , where they try to teach us about security and all that and have a lot of articles about Phishing scams and all that.
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