Unhealthy state of low-risk pk

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So there is a fair number of us forumers who dislike the wilderness. PvP isn't something we want to be forced into in order to play the entire game.

In the wilderness nowadays you don't just get rudely interrupted by someone willing to risk far more than you and with more PvP experience who easily wipes you out. Instead, they first make sure that you are a helpless victim by scouting you with an unarmed account that has nothing to lose, then once they've identified that you are too naive to run from that scout, they bring in the big guns and take you out.

The issue with this is that if the pker happens upon someone capable of fighting back with their scout, they can immediately logout on their main or run somewhere else. They are never actually at much risk of losing anything because it is the scout that runs into people first.

Some pkers will even use the scout to find the target, bring the main to the region on a different world, then world hop so that you have no warning at all.

I find scouting detestable as it means that I am forced to run from every person I see while in the wilderness. I prefer being able to assess the gear of the other player and realize that both of us are just out here for the lava strykewurms and we don't need to fight each other. Instead, literally anyone who walks by might as well be a scout and I have no option but to flee as I can't even successfully fight other players 30 levels lower than me with 1 item.

25-Mar-2019 20:55:40

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