Cursed Energy. Solved.

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Stoic n Vain

Stoic n Vain

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Nubby Nubnub said:
Title changed as requested.
Thanks very much.

@ Bvm6:

I don't know him or how he got so much cursed energy. He may have botted, or he may have just bought lots from other players, planning to make a big profit. If you find evidence of him botting, report him in game.

This thread is about improving content to be anti-botting, while also being player-friendly.
Going after specific accounts is for the player report system and for Jagex to pursue.
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05-Mar-2019 04:42:25

A Vitalis
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A Vitalis

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I mean it's a creative idea but I question whether or not it would actually solve the botting problem, or whether bot devs would simply program their bots to solve the captchas.
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15-Mar-2019 11:09:39



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So many things you want them to do and this doesn't even solve anything.
But one suggestion is interesting. "restricting cursed to certain worlds"
However restricting whole Wilderness to certain worlds (pvp related) would be better idea, also might solve pvp problem ingeneral.

13-Apr-2019 15:30:34

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[quote id=74-75-402-65955007-0-341778290][darkorchid][centre]Cursed Energy. Solved.[/centre][/darkorchid] [chocolate]Put a daily cap on the amount of cursed energy that a player can [u]gather[/u], based on [b]total level[/b] (at least for F2P, but maybe P2P also). PKing energy remains unrestricted.[/chocolate] [gold]Reasoning: Bots typically have a low total level. This will hinder their gathering capabilities.[/gold] [chocolate]Restrict Cursed Gathering to a few worlds[/chocolate] [gold]Reasoning: This will stop bots being scattered on every world and funnel them to the chopping block for PKers and "pickpocket-ers". [/gold] very good suggestion, however the removal of combat restriction is not suggested, if you are a skiller and you are afraid to die and low combat lv you would stay out of wilderness, rs developers made lots of energy location for low lv, if you go cursed energy in wildy you should be prepare to be attacked. vote FOR: resource cap based on total level, limits to few worlds to concentrate players, and members only I don't get why RS failed to fix this bots issue, maybe some jagex staff are probable for using bots??

14-Apr-2019 16:39:49

Stoic n Vain

Stoic n Vain

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The wilderness is meant to be dangerous and skillers aren't an exception to that. Of course, anyone who enters the wilderness should be prepared to be attacked.

When the combat level restriction is reverted back to the way it was, low level pkers/specialists will come back to kill those low level gatherers. Maxed players will also get a chance to steal from low level gatherers and if the gatherer is a bot, they should lose their cursed energy every time.

It's a shame that the bot issue still exists.

Thanks for your post.
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15-Apr-2019 06:11:29

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