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Skimmed a bit the thread of obsolete (or otherwise included suggestions):

- Increase Romily Weaklax's monetary reward for baking him pies, with a rare chance of receiving a sous chef's toque add-on, as well as giving a small percentage of additional Cooking xp.

The add-on was meanwhile also included in gnome restaurant deliveries, so it could either be an alternative source for the whole set or just focused on other rewards. Albeit I still think it would be better to hand out fresh level dependent cooking supplies rather than money directly.

- Allow the ability sign of porter charges to be consolidated using additional energy, e.g. 10 pale energy for tier 1 porters, 20 for tier 2 etc.

That functionality is literally covered by grace of the elves now.

- Add a notice somewhere which Dungeoneering potions boost which stats, e.g. to the Herblore skill guide or Smuggler dialogue.

The potions got mouseover tooltips added a while ago.

- Remove the Lumbridge tree patch back to the crater.

I don't really think it has enough space in the crater, does it disturb you so much in its current location?

- Add a shortcut to the shore via the platform north of the DLR fairy ring for easier mushroom access.

Probably unneeded now due to the quiver teleport to the patch.

- Make penance armour work correctly with EoC, see Aquamancer's post here.

Thread is gone, not sure what it actually was about.

- Add synchronised log storage boxes to all unlocked hot air balloon locations.

Implemented with that charge system

- Remove the bank chest in the Lumbridge crater.

It's there since sometimes JMod events are hosted in the crater, so players would be able to do something.

- Make Roddeck's cellar accessible again, or add Sir Vant to Falador for everyone.

Seemingly the cellar isn't accessible for anybody nowadays, it's not bound to whatever tutorial one might have done.
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Thanks, fixed most!

(I like the tree patch since the crater is otherwise quite bland; I can't find the balloon suggestion anymore, maybe I had already removed it; I don't see how JMod events are relevant; yeah the BoL update removed the cellar :( - I think it should be accessible again)
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