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0ma Kokichi

0ma Kokichi

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UrekMazino said:
0ma Kokichi said:

You can test it out yourself instead of typing a long ass response.

1 single walker can't stop you from world hopping because not only does it take a while to respawn, no mob will spawn in that area. It can only tag you if it followed you from outside. And only at most 1 can follow you into that area because there's only space for 1 unless for some reason you decided to not stand behind the unwalkable tile.

Bow freaking wow, gotta wait a whole 10 seconds to world hop.

1st posted on 23rd May, not a single even logged on runemetrics, c'mon, spill the beans, whose alt are you. Oh wait, no need to answer that.

Oh yes I have tested it out. Though I'm busy at the moment and the video'll have to wait. Not that it matters because you just admitted to what I meant. Yup, 10 seconds and dare I say, minimum. More than that if unlucky.

And if you end up hopping like 20 times it all adds up!

By the way, I can assure you alt guessing is gonna give you a pretty big headache. Besides, it's a general rule the main needs to confirm.
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23-May-2019 11:36:47

Aria Ventus
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This has gone on long enough. Kokichi, if you are passionate enough you can carry on in a new thread if you’d like. I think it’s a mistake to leave it open this long.
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23-May-2019 11:44:58

Dark Moon X5
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Locked at authors request!


23-May-2019 11:51:57

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