F2P Action Bar Bug

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The 4th action bar in F2P isn't kept on log-out.
Everytime after loging back in the action bar resets the the first bar so you have to re-adjust manually to the 4th if you are using the combat style bound to the 4th. This can be quiet lethal against bosses and other strong mobs if you forget for a few seconds because you do almost no damage trying to use for example melee abilities with a magic weapon.
It is almost as if the game thinks the 4th bar is a P2P only bar like 5-10 and wants to switch you back to what it considers a legitimate F2P bar because you log into a F2P world.

Anyone an idea for a fix?

07-Mar-2019 15:43:48



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F2P only have access to 3 action bars. If you have a fourth, it is likely an action bar you keep as ex-member.

Because of this, the game attempts to 'scroll' your bars back to the original 3 when logging into a F2P world. A way to prevent this from resetting is to set this 4th action bar as additional action bar, thus outside the scrolling, via:

Settings -> Gameplay -> Combat -> Action Bar -> Display additional action bars.

I don't know of any other solution atm, nor whether this is about a purchased action bar.
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