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I'm particularly tired of clan hopping bc they get mad at me not joining the discord, or talking about things the clan leader doesnt like. So I'm suggesting a non-moderated clan. Just 1 rule, don't be annoying. I need some people to help form it, and then grow it. Anyone can join, and it'll mainly just be a source of chatting. If people want to plan events with each other there, that's fine. I mainly want this to be a resource. If someone wants to boss, and someone else is willing to teach them, i want them to find that teacher in this clan. If someone has a question, i want someone in our clan to be able to answer it. Message me in game, and we will form this and grow it. A safe haven, where people can just talk about whatever they want, and do most anything they want. Comment on the thread and ill reach out. Once we have enough to form, this thread will be used to recruit too. So, drop your digits and ill pick you up!

26-Sep-2019 05:21:41

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