Arcane blast necklace-override

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when I click another player - I see -

that he has the Arcane blast necklace-override.

But it also says that I too have this override - but when I go to my Customizations - I can not find it- who is telling the truth ? in the picture- it says - you already own this override !!! where ???

07-Sep-2019 10:40:43

Kings Abbot

Kings Abbot

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The first item in the box is indeed the necklace itself with its stats.

Underneath it says (in a dark and hard to read colour) 'Cosmetic appearance' and below that it shows '[ Hide neck slot ]', and below that 'You already own this override.'

The guy is just hiding his neck slot, so it appears he isn't wearing a necklace at all (probably because it doesn't fit with the rest of his appearance). Everyone is capable of hiding everything they wear except weapons, and so are you. That's why it is saying you already have the override, it's because it's the standard free 'hide thing' override.
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07-Sep-2019 10:57:45

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