Divine-o-matic always lost

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Ulti Stat said:
Any Skilling and or achievements to be done in the wild should be safe. The wild is currently a place for pkers to troll people who actually like to train. Remove the pking in the wild. There is no point in having the wild be like it is when the only people who use it are trollers and griefers.

Jagex fix the problem that you re-created

Safe to say the evidence points in the direction that JaGeX mods are in fact trolls, No Offence...but how do I know if that griefer is a Jmods alt or not...tons of games have staff bend updates to their own personal gain, why should this game be immune to it?

Plus pking years ago did once count for killing skillers; black sals, runite mining, agility and clues but that is minor. JaGeX added skilling to the wildy just to revive it....PvP is mainly 1v1 fights, both players ready for a battle willing to risk their gear. At wilderness current state it's skiller vs player willing to fight, unfair in my books, some may argue this point saying 'well don't skill in wildy then', but I wasn't the illogical one that added an update to mix Skillers with PvPers, that's like adding Skilling to boss area's....
New PvM Skilling Method Update

- Get your super antifire potions ready for skilling in this new elite area, do you have what it takes to gather our new elite resources without being killed by our newest dragon's special attacks?


Overall divine o matic should never of been nerfed, lots of items have crashed in the past and nothing was nerfed, if anything they should of slowed down the rate you gather energy/charges but increasing the xp. But JaGeX doesn't think this way...again No Offence -Face Palm-

19-Mar-2019 00:10:56

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