Please fix Vindicta drops

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Support, these stone spirits overall nerf pvm/slayer and it's questionable to me why these even got added over noted why would I or anyone else want 4 addy stone spirit drop from a high slayer monster...300gp vs normal 4k+ per kill.

JaGeX's logic....guys these used to drop 4 noted addy ores so lets add 4 addy stone spirits instead even tho addy is no longer a high leveled ore and way less demand, because miners will want these items for x 2 ores right?

^ that statement is basically true for all boss drops as well something that maybe dropped t85 ore runite got replaced by t50 runite, before update runite ore was a pain to mine, had to hop worlds constantly (mainly wrote this for jmods, no offence but you obviously never played the game/ know supply and demand)

Overall just remove the stone spirits even if you added 300+ noted ores of the higher ones would still be bad gp due to mining being highly afkable @AFKSCAPE

02-Mar-2019 21:37:06

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