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You mean the fixed screen setting? I can't find it either, hopefully it's a slight error and oversight that will be added back in shortly with an update. 200m Dunge, Rc, Mage and invention accomplished, + 120 Constitution/Slayer/Range/Summoning/Woodcutting/Mining/Defence/Strength and 110m fishing, got comp back from solak and MQC back from temple of aminishi/dragonkin lab lore drops, 200m Fishing/Woodcutting/Mining is next

04-Mar-2019 11:26:24

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When I click the other screen sizes too nothing happens. The 800x600 has always only been on the java client. I guess it's still only there. The brightest ideas are the most undervalued.

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Unfortunately, It seems Jagex has removed the fixed screen size on RS3 to be rid of Java from the game, I believe this is a great move for the future of runescape, but do miss playing as if it was osrs but with better graphics. This post has been brought to you by Zand*r!
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04-Mar-2019 11:41:25

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Yes from what i can see jagex has removed supporting fixed screen which is a tad annoying those like myself who have played fixed for a very long time but i guess we will just have to readjust to resizeable

04-Mar-2019 11:52:36

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fixed screen is best windows mode what ever seen whole game because if you multitasking that windows is best because is very simple use and its small but now reziable windows on small size is shit because interfaces hiding game screen behind

04-Mar-2019 11:53:20

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