Fix Stone Spirt Drops!

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My proposal, strip the stats off the new craftable gear minus masterwork, in doing so will allow JaGeX to increase smithing speed and replace salvages and stone spirits with it's respected tier armour/ore thus fully patching out old drops and not masking them. Now we need demand so let new armour be cosmetic only and alch/dismantle into decent gp/components based on tier and mining will need fixed, too afk

For anyone that is firm on 'shouldn't be adding gold to the game" bs, should rethink their thoughts and this game's history because it's always been added, why do you think we have 1b+ gp don't think the first 100 players magically gotten that from picking flax and trading it to shops. Time to grow up ;)

19-Mar-2019 13:43:12



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Ms Cole said:
CM Brandon said:
Stone Spirit concerns were somewhat addressed in this recent
RuneScape Stream on, at the 25:45 second mark by Mod Jack. Mod Shogun is working on an update for them! :)



My suggestion is just to remove them. :P

Same, fixing them is a waste of time. Their sadly only useful to miners if their way under ore value for extra profits but so far most stone spirits I'm getting are now 'Low Tier', who is going to buy these if everyone will afk to 90+. The once T85 Runite is now T50, In OSRS i afked 40-60+ mining in maybe 2-3 days at motherlode mine while doing clues in rs3 and that's slower than power mining iron, now that it's afk and prob faster than OSRS rates who is honestly going to be needing extra runite lol. THINK JAGEX SOLD THEIR LOGIC FOR MTX TACTICS...95% focused on MTX, 5% at well thought out updates <---can't deny this lmao; Which updates have been the best designed? were they MTX related? Yes :P...can't joke on this one haha MTX Updates were all clones of the past ones, different names/items but the same. Well thought out updates might not exist anymore, would be different if they tried to fix stuff but now that months have passed and most Mining & Smithing issues still untouched , Guess me being locked in at 5$ per month and deciding to pay more for VIP and the odd MTX doesn't help JaGeX out, evidence is clearing displayed at how they value it's player base.

29-Apr-2019 06:03:11

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