Firemaking update gives prayer

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Draco Burnz said:
UrekMazino said:
Add it so that people no longer have any sort of excuse for not knowing. This information is not in game.

That's the thing though, ppl will always find excuses for things no matter how obvious you make it.

So adding anything more is a waste of time.

Do you need to answer in a different language? Or do you understand now?

You still missed my point! Incredible! Let me know your preferred language, I hope Google Translate will be good enough.
Isharial said:
but.. it is in the game? its in the make X interface.... :|

its clear enough to read there and if its a new thing, I look to see what skills im going to get xp in from doing said action...

its there to read... if people don't then I doubt having a big banner that scrolls across the screen saying "you will get prayer xp if you do this!!" with 500 confirmation screens will do anything either....

See Draco, if this was the response you gave, I'd have conceded.
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06-Apr-2019 13:27:20

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