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Daibhi said:

To direct that at the section of the playerbase who exclusively skill instead of do high level PVM for whatever reason is amusing to me - it's in fact the PVM community who is never happy as once something happens they don't like they're always calling for things to be nerfed or changed. For example, the whole reason masterwork in particular and the newer armours couldn't be their best despite one version of it being T92 is because the PVM community was bitching about them devaluing existing armours.
Jagex were the ones that stated that they didnít want pvm drops to be devalued, donít think any high level pvmer was asked.

The problem though is more complex then you think. Most of the community are both skillers and pvmers. Naturally, nobody expects to make tons of money skilling and its the way it has always been. High level skilling methods are naturally profitable because there is demand on those items by other players who skill and pvm is high and barriers to those methods are usually steep as well.

However, barriers to high level pvm are steeper, and someone who spent hundreds of hours getting skills up to engage in such activity should naturally be rewarded proportionately. Cosmetics donít work as pvm drops, so itís a choice between resources and gp. If you give resources, skilling becomes less profitable because there are more resources. If gp is dropped, everything rises in price, and you are generally in a position where holding money is damaging to you, but skilling is not more profitable than before.

Blaming pvmers for a problem that canít be solved with removal of resources from monster drops is wrong. How much money do you think you will make selling pvm related supplies if there are no more pvmers to buy them from you? Then you will see skillers complain like never before.

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