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Krystlsinger said:
Actually, I don't know much about the divine-o-matic, never having using it in the Wildy.

But I'd lay money that the whinge was from PvMers/PKers and not from skillers because the only players that Jagex pay any attention to are PvMers.

When something adversely affects a PvMer/PKer, Jagex are on the case straightaway to either buff or nerf as required.

When something adversely affects a skiller, well, it really depends whether PvMers/PKers like it or not. If they do, it stays, if they don't, it goes. If it doesn't affect them, it stays because Jagex rarely pay any attention to skilling issues.

If something loses money for a PvMer/PKer, god forbid that that should stay in game. If skillers lose out, well, they should PvM and that would make everything right.

Sorry for the rant on this thread but it just typifies the Jagex model - I genuinely don't know if a few skillers were gaining at the expense of other skillers or if a few PvMers/PKers complained about not getting drops but, in my experience, the complaints of PvMers/PKers holds a whole lot more influence than anything else.


Most people I know that PvM and myself tend to afk energies/elves for clues when not PvMing, think PvMers would love divine charges at 100gp each tbh, bought 600+ for 45kea, including cheap 20+ onyx's for my soul amulet, love when things go on sale :P

If PvMers did complain to make this nerf happen, they wanted more afk gp not thinking JaGeX would nerf divine-o-matic and as for PKers....don't think they have much hold on anything except building player kill count via unarmed skillers. think JaGeX should just make wilderness a slayer/PvM/skilling area with added dangers with dmg that scale to level to fix @afkscape

04-Mar-2019 21:27:43

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