forced group play 4 best dps

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Tom Grey

Tom Grey

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Wholeheartedly agree. Pvmers should have suffered from this update and not players who spent thousands of hours getting all comp reqs.

So sad that jagex probably doesn’t even remember why the stats were added in the first place, mainly for kiln and reefwalker capes.

There should be a reward for having put so much effort into the game, actually learning different pieces of content and completing them.

I also hated the argument that pvmers are forced to get their comps back. Not like comp over max provided suuuuuch a massive advantage. When they were told this, all we got in response was to suck it up, because if we are not doing boring group pvm content we don’t need the extra benefits. Riiight, so me enjoying slayer, solo bossing and pvp is not important, and I should just be quiet.

And the most pathetic part was that jagex sided with those looneys and we get this half baked cosmetic comp. There is no point in getting comp after max anymore, so whatever requirements they add wouldn’t concern me or thousands of other players. Way to make the cape dead content. Kudos to jagex.

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