Improving Comp Rework

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Daddy Wolfey
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Daddy Wolfey

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How about making the Enhanced Firecape a actual cape that requires all bosses and all styles of The kiln capes ? Make the actual cape a different color or something
Could this be possible do you think? Looking at this update with a open mind because of a friend.
Personally now feel like the comp update was half done.

What I suggest is a comp cape having 32 stats instead of 26. The Enhanced firecape being the hybrid cape that comp was.
Personally I like now that the best PvM cape is through PvMing now. I feel like this update is terrible but has potential to be great because of my friend. I know you guys can't please everyone but this is what most already comp PvMers are upset about. I think the solution I've came up with is simple I could be wrong but may satisfy the ones I know that have quit into coming back Please give me feed back of thought at Jagex in this if any

I don't personally like this update, but it has potential to be great. Although I think the comp cape needs to be 32 instead of being exact same as a max cape.
This update has potential to help someone like me I just help a lot of other people some people want to do just PvMing some just skilling. Most do look forward to getting better and doing things better. I think my idea would be a start, although there still needs to be a cape that represents someone who does everything but that's just me.
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Love the idea! Honestly, i've been pretty upset that
capes are BIS now. I miss wearin my
Comp cape
already :(

Giving comp 32 stats will make everyone happy, the old/new Compers and also the players with Max giving them incentive to go for a cape that's both Achievement/Pvm worthy.

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I think there is a lot of potential to this. When I think complete, I think everything is done. The fact that the pvming aspect is taken away, so to speak, it means the completing part of the comp cape is not actually complete. Taking away the stats of the comp cape, in my humble opinion, was wrong, because people have played hours upon hours to get this cape and should be rewarded for all time and effort spent.

27-Jun-2019 04:11:13

Broli Barns
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Broli Barns

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I think this is a great idea. Maybe creating a reaper cape that you can get along side the reaper title or something and allowing that cape to be combined with all 3 kiln capes to create a new combat related hybrid cape that would do the function of what the comp cape was. This way it gives someone a PvM cape to look forward to and utilize more than one you can get from just finishing all 99s. If people are ok with max cape stats, it would be up to them. But to learn every boss in the game and gain the reaper title is a feat that should be rewarded with something substantial. It used to be the comp cape...

28-Jun-2019 18:44:53

Tom Grey
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Tom Grey

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Don’t really understand too why they couldn’t have made a best in slot stats cape without passives to be obtainable through pvm? Then we could have two capes. One for those who like to grind but don’t engage with toxic group pvmers. And one for those who don’t grind and just pvm. That way comp would still be the best cape, but there would be an alternative for those who whine about not being able to sell leaches anymore.

30-Jun-2019 17:06:00

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