Totem Piece Hunting.

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Bit of Class
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Bit of Class

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Hi, if you have 2 totem pieces in the Herby Werby shop that you must buy for completing a totem, then why not have 2 totem pieces in the Hunt Shop as well? Have them in Hunt shop for 200 Marks to buy, the 3 totem pieces you get from hunting the big Dino's, remove 2 and add them into the Hunt Shop, and leave one in the Big Hunt, they should also be a common drop not rare, and should also not be RNG based. Either way you still have to hunt to get the marks in order to buy them. Also Hunting the Big Dinos should give more than just 1 mark, the small hunts like the Jadinko's Butterflies, Grenwalls, 1 mark, But the Big Dino hunts should be more, 5-10 marks per. Thanks.

19-Jul-2019 17:37:50

Oranje Duif
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Oranje Duif

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I have most pieces now - but i think they should have added non-rubble/non-zygo pieces to reward shops and even slayer master shop - this way people with bad rng have a secondary option to follow one for currencies. Favouritismbtw - Love and light doesn't fix everything, neither does being blind to problems - Favouritismbtw.

19-Jul-2019 18:00:48

Mr Rey Ray
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Mr Rey Ray

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No support, please stop asking for nerfs to make things easier.

If you want the totems, you are going to have to play Big Game Hunter, and do the grind like everyone else had to, including myself.

Also keeping them rare is a good thing, it justifies why it is a trimmed completionist requirement.
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20-Jul-2019 12:42:05

Jul Gold Premier Club Member 2018


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Lol not even hard to get totem piece unless u only play like 1hr day or something......then everything is probably is . Done less 10 hunt before got first piece from hunting dino.........dread the slayer required piece ,just cuz i hate higher lvl pve stuff has crap tons of hp like they do

22-Jul-2019 11:17:58

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