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Haven   Hell

Haven   Hell

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Here are my 2 cents that will be lost in this sea of posts: remove the stats from comp cape.

It's nice to give real completionists something they can show off to others as a result of their hard work, but those stats can be attached to any random new or old cape. That way those that enjoy completing everything get to do so, and those that just want the stats get a different item.

One way you could implement the new cape with current comp stats is by having it tied with bosses. For example give every boss a rare drop of a scrap of cape and when you combine the scraps from all the bosses you get the cape (new boss = new scrap). Or you could tie it with one of the bossing achievements.

For the comp cape itself, limit the number of new achievements to up to 10 per month and give a flat 1 month grace period.

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