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Tom Grey

Tom Grey

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The issue with comp is simple. Group requirements are getting tougher to fulfill due to disconnect between Jagex and the player base. Simple solution too, remove all group requirements and never add them again. There aren’t that many either.

Second problem is constant chase to maintain the cape. Simple solution, make completionist cape a permanent unlock, and quick chat option to say when the cape was first obtained.

Third problem best in slot cape for pvm and not skilling. Simple solution, let the cape act as lv 99 skillcapes for all skills.

Fourth problem requirements are Grindy but don’t add to the achievement feeling. Simple solution, add titles for future grinding achievement for players to display “see gold slayer master”.

Fifth problem, bosses are too hard for players who play casually. Simple solution, either remove reaper from comp, or require music unlock of the boss, which is done upon entry.

I like the idea of shifting the cape convenience features to be a passive effect as an unlock. This effect should be free for those who already have it unlocked with a comp cape.

And please, don’t turn it into a massive project like mining and smithing. There is barely anything you need to do to make comp better. Get ninja team to do it quickly and start focusing on bank rework and better quality and frequency of updates.

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