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To address the availability question I would suggest that rewards are unlocked in full for max quest points players. The reasononing for this is that your future quests schedule is quite uncertain and will essentially lock those players who canít replay quests from getting rewards.

The quest shop overall seems like a pointless idea to be honest. Quests give rewards themselves and we donít need more. Itís best to focus on creating better quest storylines with good rewards with a quest point requirement.

If rewards were to be introduced they should be purely cosmetic. This may include questing outfit, wings, emotes. They should be based on both quest point requirements AND completion of a specific story line up to the final quest released.

The top three things that make me do a quest are: overpowered unlocks after completion of a 10-20 hour storyline; access to new areas; comp requirements.
The top three things that detract me from doing quests are: sheer volume of individual quests; unboostable quest requirements; and pointless or useless rewards. These are coming from playing on a different account since I completed all quests on this one.

- What type of player are you? (PvM, PvP, Quester, Skiller, Completionist, Social) (You can choose more than one) - ALL BUT PVP
- What is your current number of quest points? - 399
- How long have you been playing RuneScape? - 10 YEARS
- What are your combat level and skill total? - COMPED

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