WC/Fletch/FM Rework?

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Hopefully not, already enough issues with Mining & Smithing Update being poorly thought out to fit the game. Things were patched out with renames/new junk to replace the old when the new armour should of been made faster to make and have it cosmetic/alch/disassemble only but nope they didn't think of that....would of fixed a few problems; smithing being slow, out-of-place salvage drops. If your going to update a skill, design it so it makes sense and it makes the game feel like it was like that from day one.

UrekMazino said:
Rikornak said:
I would honestly be careful with that to prevent the next stone spirit fiasco. They should find a feasible solution to make them appealing first.

While I don't disagree that stone spirits was not a good replacement, I still think that its only such a big deal because whiny pvmers couldn't handle a dip in their profits. Despite pretty much every single monster being affected, the gp/h is still way ahead of skilling. And somehow they feel the right to make a big fuss out of it even though a lot of their profit had come from skilling supplies which came at the expense of skilling gp/h.

Most PvMers complaining about stone spirits are about two reasons actually; Time being wasted on kills that used to be 25k-150k min per kill now gaining b2b2b2b stone spirits and the math/logic on that is a huge margin decrease. Yeah we make enough but it's about principle, my gear degrades and asks for gp, my weapons do the same, potions cost gp, death fees/onyx cost gp....I also think of PvMers that don't have a 200M+ potions tab or can't afford to keep PvMing due to b2b2b2b stone spirits.

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