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Hello everyone,

The comp cape rework has been under discussion for some time now. We’ve been continuously talking with you and reading your pieces of feedback on various platforms such as Twitter, Reddit, Discord and the RuneScape Forums. We’ve been a bit quiet recently, because we’ve been having some bigger discussions amongst the Four Direction team and the wider Runescape team.

Over time, we’ve received various points of feedback regarding the complexity of the pitched design, and how players perceived the complexity. We sat down to discuss the reasons for this, and how we could tackle them in order to simplify the design. We want the new reworked system to feel familiar and comprehensible to new players and old ones, so in this dev blog we’re going to discuss our new simplified design pitch for the comp cape rework. This design is a much more cut-down version of the previous iteration, but still tackles all of the major points of feedback regarding comp.

The Design

We’re stripping away a lot of the previous design. As such, the completionist and trimmed completionist capes will remain as they currently are in game. We won’t be adding any new capes, new tiers of capes, new meta-achievements, or making anything into a "legacy cape". With the changes listed later, we hope to make the path to obtaining comp, and maintaining it, a much more enjoyable and satisfying journey - as well as opening up room for more achievements with new and old content, and the introduction of new capes in the future.

The “Reaper Crew” achievement will be removed as a requirement from the comp cape. Reaper has caused issues ever since its introduction, years after comp was initially brought into the game, frequently locking many players out of a cape they were otherwise always able to obtain. Hard bosses are intentionally designed to be harder than many players are comfortable with, which makes for a poor combination with the comp cape. Where most other content is normal easily accessible and solo-able, many various bosses introduce difficult, and forced group, gameplay. As well as this, reaper can sometimes limit developers from pushing difficulty on new high-end bosses as it can cause an uproar in the comp community - we’ve seen various instances of this in the past.

The “How Many Games?” Castle Wars achievement will be removed as a requirement from the trimmed comp cape. This achievement has also been controversial over the years - requiring a huge amount of time from the player. At one point it also had to have its requirement reduced, yet it still hasn’t improved since. It’s wildly out of sync with other achievements on the trimmed comp cape and quite frankly needs to be addressed. If we were releasing Castle Wars today, we would never put an achievement like this on it.

The comp cape stats will be taken off of the cape and added as a passive bonus to the “Reaper Crew” achievement instead. (This partially compensates for it being removed from comp, and seems like the most logical place to put them.) As with the previous design, these passive stats will be on the player at all times. You can combine your passive stats with any cape, which means that capes matter again, and frees us up to add better capes as rewards and drops in the future. The reason for this change is that the need for best in slot stats pushed a lot of players to pursue the comp cape when they actually had no interest in completionism. Moving the stats allows the comp cape to have more demanding requirements added to it in future.

Utility benefits that are currently tied to the cape item, such as teleports, will be changed to permanent unlocks on the player rather than the cape. These, alongside the stats, currently make the comp cape feel as a mandatory item to have at all times. Moving these elsewhere, for example making the Ava’s alerter ammo collection effect a permanent passive unlock from completing the “Do No Evil” quest, yet again allows for new and more powerful capes to be introduced. Teleports like Max Guild and Kandarin monastery will be made unlockable from their respective pieces of content, and activatable at all times through some form of interface or right click option.

The following benefits which currently are inherited by the comp cape from other capes, will be decoupled from the comp cape and become accessible in game through other means. As specified above, these will become permanent effects, toggleable, or activate-able depending on the benefit.

  • From the max cape/99 skillcapes

  • Max Guild teleport

  • The ability to add 3 skillcape perks to your ‘cape slot’

  • From the Ardougne cloak 4

  • Kandarin monastery teleport

  • Manor farm teleport

  • Summoning restore (once per day)

  • All task rewards (from Ardougne tasks) that require the cape to be worn

  • From Ava’s alerter

  • The arrow retrieval effect

  • From the bonesack (e)

  • Skeletal horror teleport

  • From Jerrod’s cape

  • Various thieving bonuses and effects

  • From the spirit cape

  • 20% less summoning special energy when using summoning scrolls

  • The only benefit not included here from the current comp cape is the fire/kiln cape effect which allows for bonus damage when fighting Ice Strykewyrms as we’d like to return this to being a cape-exclusive bonus.

    Clearer definitions will be written for future comp and trim comp achievements. Since we are no longer redefining the capes, this shouldn’t be too different from what it is now. Moving forward, players and devs will have a clearer understanding of what should and shouldn’t be required for either cape. This way, with new content, players can know what to expect from new comp requirements and the requirements for comp and trim can be much more coherent.

    With the previous changes implemented, future additions to the comp capes in terms of achievements should not cause any further controversy. As such, we plan to be more active in adding comp/trim comp related achievements with new content in the future.

    Likewise, any existing content could have achievements created and added to the comp/trim comp capes. However, initial polling suggested that players don’t want a huge batch of requirements to be added all at once, so this should be something that is done over time and not part of this rework.

    So to sum up, the new design is to make the smallest changes we can to the comp and trim comp capes while still fixing all of the major complaints and issues. This is a major change based on the feedback we've received, and of course we still want to hear your thoughts. You can get in touch with us via our forums, reddit and discord.


    Reddit Link

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    The Four Direction Team

    Community Manager! @JagexPoerkie

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    If the current capes are to remain it really is important to focus it on stuff that actually is completable - either in the form it can only be done once or actually unlocks something. This said - good riddance for the reaper, good riddance for CW. But just because those two are the most problematic pure achievements on the cape, it doesn't mean they're the only ones - conquest rating has no unlockable attached to it, likewise scoring high in big chinchompa - that stuff still is great as achievements - but since they're not completables they do not belong on the completionist cape in its current essence.

    Please take your time and decide for once what belongs on which cape and why - that also includes comp requirements, that should be upgraded to trimmed and vice versa.

    Maybe what might also be interesting to know: What is about effects that are not part of the comp cape, because they've been added later (or just forgotten when it was introduced): The ability to activate and extend warpriest sets, weight reduction, teleport to the legends guild as the most recent example. Possibly a bit more of stuff.
    Improvements: Tooltip / (F2P) QoL v2
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    13-May-2019 11:56:43

    Glic Esther
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    When feature complexity increases, visual design should be simplified (or curvier learning curves should be accepted). It feels as if your logic is backwards saying that you can't imagine a simple enough virtual design for the complexity and therefore make the concept less complex. But how about you let us do the tough simple stuff? :) UI design as a crowd sourced community project.

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    We’re stripping away a lot of the previous design. As such, the completionist and trimmed completionist capes will remain as they currently are in game. We won’t be adding any new capes, new tiers of capes, new meta-achievements, or making anything into a "legacy cape".

    Oh you idiots. Forgive my playerlanguage. You had a perfectly good thing going. I want to know the truth of what happened that made you flip tables.

    Original message details are unavailable.
    Clearer definitions will be written
    Should've had it by now. Precise words matter a lot in this context

    Original message details are unavailable.
    So to sum up, the new design is to make the smallest changes we can to the comp and trim comp capes while still fixing all of the major complaints and issues
    Please explain to us how you are still fixing all the major complaints this way? Or how you became politicians.

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    Original message details are unavailable.
    My ideas dump thread

    13-May-2019 12:15:50

    Rasher Bacon
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    tldr for anyone who cant be bothered reading

    >We're trying to make the smallest changes possible

    >But we're also going to take away the stats and abilities of the cape and shove them someplace else instead of having them all in one, easily accessible place
    Arguing with a moron is like playing chess with a pigeon: Even if you win, they'll knock over the pieces, crap on the board, and strut about as if they won.

    13-May-2019 12:18:24

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    Hey Mod Poerkie,

    I really appreciate the effort you put into improving Runescape over the years along with all of the other Moderators. When I was reading over this, it hit me so hard when you said you were taking out “How Many Games?” in the trimmed completion list. As the people who have trimmed Comp capes that had to actually put in these huge hours of 700 + hours, I feel should be rewarded or have possibly a"bonus" instead of being wiped off the list of trimmed comp and your left with seeing player after player get a trimmed completion cape that didn't go through that effort, as it is the best achievement to date. To put it to "reality", It's like winning a sporting event and being wiped of your medal you have won. That's how strong this means to me. I'm okay about the removal of the reaper crew. But I do feel it's a good challenge to have to keep the trimmed cape. As it shouldn't be easily gained.

    I feel the removal of the "Reaper Crew" & “How Many Games?” is a huge impact to the community. I know everyone has different opinions. If I didn't have this cape I would see this differently, but since I've gone through this effort i'm just expressing my personal thoughts and feelings about this. Being in the game since 2004 I'm sure there's thousands of players who would feel the same about this..

    Kind Regards,

    13-May-2019 12:24:04

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    I disagree to remove the requirement of the war of the citadels I have the cover of perfection adorned I struggled a lot to pegala mainly in this requirement and a half I disagree to fascilitate it removing this requirement I think that all the people who have the cover adorned will agree because she is more difficult to conquer should be difficult not fascilitala because a group of people who can not get that we have to leave this low if it was the case would be good was to release a cover but difficult to conquer!

    13-May-2019 12:35:15

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    So, while I understand the changes you're making (and to some extent agree with many of them, particularly Reaper Crew and Castle Wars), I really did enjoy the idea of the tiered achievements. Those tiers gave concrete stepping stones for players to work toward and increased the ability to properly categorize the various individual achievements.

    I feel like a mix between the two designs is likely to be the best option. Unless you plan to add extra rewards to comp and trim comp, they stand primarily as cosmetic items. Even for someone who sets out to complete literally every game they play, I don't feel inclined to earn trim comp or even regular comp with the new design. The tiers got me really excited. Just things to think about.

    On another note, thanks for all of your hard work. Most people won't say it (because people these days seem to really enjoy complaining), but it's truly appreciated. I hadn't played in almost 10 years before I started this account back in November. The game's changed so much and all for the better. Keep up the good work!

    13-May-2019 12:43:24

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    13-May-2019 12:48:56

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    i got my concerns with how music tracks will work, currently you still need to get to the final phase of some bosses to get the music track unlock almost nearly nullifying the point of removing the reaper tittle.
    will it be made so just all tracks for that boss unlock upon entering the area or something?

    13-May-2019 12:50:44

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