Completionist Cape Fiasco

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I am a comp cape owner for about 3 year and currently working on Trim & getting more into Bossing. I have played Runescape since 2006.

I understand all of Jagex’s / players' concerns in that Comp is currently

1A. BIS cape / PVMer’s only obtain for the stats

— Comp is currently BIS cape for all classes.
— PVMers in turn should be able to obtain a cape with similar effects (Perhaps direct
teleports to bosses / additional reduced instance cost) and the same stats as comp.
— This cape (Reaper Cape) will require 99 in all combat stats (120 Slayer) and various
PVM achievements already in the game.
— This cape will be somewhat difficult to obtain, but the tasks required will not seem
like a waste of time / will be most things PVMers would complete normally.
— Like the comp cape, this cape will have a (T) version which requires different PVM
requirements, like Final Boss.
— An additional option to potentially merge the two capes (Completionist & Reaper) in
the future similar to adding capes to trim for their effects.

1B. Cape scaling in general

— Outside of the Max/Comp cape (and this potential new PVM cape) There aren’t that many great capes for people who just like to boss / won’t want to keep up with requirements.
— That’s why I suggest buffing the following capes for lower level PVMers.
* TokHaar (70 -> 75)
* Expert Skill Capes (75 -> 80)
* Soul Cape (~60 -> 90)
— With the Soul Cape at level 90 (Completionist is set to 100), it will be a stronger cape
than the max cape (at 85) and a viable option behind the Reaper cape.

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2. Not adding content that is in the realm of “completion” of the game

— With a PVM cape created and current other capes buffed, this takes the pressure off
people to comp when they have no desire to.
— Previous requirements that may have been added to comp can freely be added over
— Removes the need to change completionist requirements as PVMers will be
focusing on obtaining a Reaper cape.

3. Those who do not like group bossing, but still want some kind of cape

— This is the one which seems most difficult to me because bossing & group
interaction are still a large part of the game. As someone who does not like group
PVM and is partly deaf, I understand where you are all coming from. However, the only
group bosses you are forced to do outside of Boss Masses (which JMods & Pinks Skirts host)
are ROTS, Raids & Solak. With enough effort and devotion, you can and will obtain the
completionist cape if that is what you are aiming for.
— As those who have not completed the Reaper achievement probably are not serious
bossers, their need for BIS cape is less than PVMers looking for a more permanent

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No point in reaper cape if reaper is still on comp cape.

I like the idea of pvm capes becoming stronger, but don’t forget, something like max cape takes hundreds of hours but soul cape can be achieved within days with practice and money. So I don’t think it should be better than max in any way.

Also you misjudge why people use the cape. Not everyone needs it for high level group bossing, and not everyone gets it for that. Raids and solak is aids. Also return of the six, vorago and aod all require a mass or a team, which creates a hassle of finding a team or leeching kills.

But what if in the future Jagex decide to release a 2 man boss with insane difficulty that requires 4 ticking? The cape will become for those best at one tiny aspect of the game and forget all the other achievements that player had to go through. This makes no sense.

Also, I don’t know what you mean outside of deathtouch darts, but newsflash, they don’t work for comp.

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"The completionist cape is the best cape in the game and is awarded to players who have 'completed the game' by finishing all major content available" - This is directly from the wiki page.

I would have to argue that defeating each boss at least one falls under the realm of major content as many have plot lines in quests / other achievements needed for completion.

I have heard countless arguments for removing reaper for the completionist cape, but none of them are for reasons of "it's not relevant / major content".

People believe the content is too difficult when in reality almost all of us can accomplish this with some effort and practice. Obtaining one kill does not require you to be an elite PVMer, it just requires you to make it through the fight alive. A disability is a completely understandable reason for wanting this removed, but "having a slow computer" or being "really bad / not liking PVM" is not / should not be an excuse I am sorry.

Obviously between both of these capes there will naturally be overlap of PVM requirements on the Completionist cape due to the definition of the cape. If Reaper were to be removed from the cape, the definition of the cape would change.

As per your remarks about the bosses, AOD & Vorago are hosted by JMods & Pink Skirts as a mass so all you have to do is find a date to show up and survive for one kill. You can get the journals as well doing this.

This leaves ROTS, Elite Dungeons (which can potentially be solo'd albeit harder), Raids & Solak as group content.

I apologize about Deathtouched darts statement.

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I agree. The completionist cape should continue to be one of the BIS capes in the game, but I think there is need for a PVM cape like you said and to get it as various drops from bosses seems like a really good idea. There should be some PVM achievements along with it too so it's somewhat difficult to obtain. But like you said. For us PVMers, it should be obtainable through things we would've normally done. As idk if I'd be able to get it right away on launch, I also like the idea of buffing other previous capes. Show the fire capes some love!

11-Feb-2019 19:05:18

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So I wanted to begin this with whilst soul cape is a reward of one of the harder combat encounters in the game, if not the hardest as it's a solo thing and can't be leeched/bought, I don't think it should be above max cape. Although, getting at least one soul cape should be a comp req for sure.

So to counter your first point: I don't see the point in a reaper cape.
I'm not sure why everyone seems to have fixated on this idea that there must be a reaper cape, just make other capes that are already in the game scale to the point where the difference in stats between comp and the next best cape isn't a massive gulf, but rather, a gradual increase.
There you go, comp is still BiS as it should be. But PvMers don't feel like they're nerfed for not constantly keeping up with comp cape.
Which you do suggest in point 1B and I fully agree, but that's it. No reaper cape, just re-balance all these capes like expert skillcape, soul cape, max cape, tokharr cape to be something you'd value, and maybe equate them to their difficulty?

Like tokharr cape is you do some quests then afk for an hour and you get a cape with better stats than a max cape, like wtf?

Then soul cape is a pretty difficult high level dps rush before you run out of rocktail soups and sara brews, filled with various mechanics that can easily kill you and requires a pretty good understanding of combat mechanics, and soul cape is worse than a skillcape. Excuse me? What?

Then expert skillcape expects you to get multiple 99s, at least 4 minimum, no different to a regular skillcape, aside from wow two skillcape perks, really just blowing me away with this reward for the effort I put into getting these, simply game changing, now I can have a chance for my equipment not to degrade whilst having a sign of life, but wait, why aren't I just using a tokharr cape? ffs.

Finally people want a minigame cape, I guess if you want to show your dedication to dead content, sure. Could just as easily be a title like reaper tho.

13-Feb-2019 16:03:31

Nex is Life
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Tom Grey said:
I like the idea of pvm capes becoming stronger, but don’t forget, something like max cape takes hundreds of hours but soul cape can be achieved within days with practice and money. So I don’t think it should be better than max in any way.
By that logic Castle Wars Veteran cape should be the best in the game since you can max in under the 2000 odd hours.
You'll get it when you deserve it.

13-Feb-2019 17:09:07

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They've tried to address Minigame problems, but that should be a whole different thread in and of itself. I don't necessarily disagree with what you're saying about not adding a Reaper cape, but seems that's something a lot of people want.

If a new cape is added, and I think a new one should be, they could do something as simple as collecting shards or something from various bosses. There could be a higher chance to obtain these when on a Reaper assignment like various drops for slayer assignments. Then once you obtain all the pieces you could craft the cape yourself with some other reward from Death's shop and that's the end of that.

The problem with this however is, will the creation of this cape be required for the completionist cape (perhaps the Trimmed variant).

I think whatever does end up happening, they need to make sure
1) Comp isn't devalued - People have spent thousands of hours obtaining it and this wouldn't be fair to those people
2) PVMers and non-campers have a somewhat decent cape to use if they wish to boss / do other PVM activities.

Again I don't think there's a need to change comp requirements (if anything they should add to requirements). Making a skilling cape or creating various completionist paths is way too convoluted and will likely only make more people upset.

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