Completionist Cape Fiasco

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No point in reaper cape if reaper is still on comp cape.

I like the idea of pvm capes becoming stronger, but donít forget, something like max cape takes hundreds of hours but soul cape can be achieved within days with practice and money. So I donít think it should be better than max in any way.

Also you misjudge why people use the cape. Not everyone needs it for high level group bossing, and not everyone gets it for that. Raids and solak is aids. Also return of the six, vorago and aod all require a mass or a team, which creates a hassle of finding a team or leeching kills.

But what if in the future Jagex decide to release a 2 man boss with insane difficulty that requires 4 ticking? The cape will become for those best at one tiny aspect of the game and forget all the other achievements that player had to go through. This makes no sense.

Also, I donít know what you mean outside of deathtouch darts, but newsflash, they donít work for comp.

08-Feb-2019 10:55:11

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