Update: 21st May (4TAA/C4TAA)

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Hello everyone,

For the update next Monday we've taken steps to address C4TAA (Continuous 4 Tick Auto Attacking) in RuneScape, as we've mentioned in the past we planned to have something in place before Solak's release at the end of the month.

Before we get into what we've done we thought we'd explain the processes behind C4TAA, what the bug was, how it was used in combat and how it is being addressed.

Continuous four tick auto-attacking (C4TAA)

To understand C4TAA you need to understand the auto attack speeds of magic weapons:

  • Magic 2H weapon (auto attacks every 6 ticks)

  • Magic dual wield (auto attacks every 4 ticks)

  • The table below breaks down the rotation required for C4TAA.

    Time (Ticks)Next auto attack (ticks)Action
    06Staff auto attack
    06Dual wield switch - Wand & Orb
    04Dual wield ability
    0 - 44Magic staff switch
    410Staff auto attack

    Looking at the table above you can see that the dual wield ability is setting your auto attack delay backwards, this is the bug. This allows the use of staff based auto attacks every 4 ticks rather than the 6 intended by the system.

    The fix going live Monday will be preventing your auto attack delay from going backwards and thus preventing staff auto attacks at a faster rate that intended.

    With that being said you're likely going to ask us, why have you removed C4TAA?

    In short, C4TAA was a byproduct of the bug and caused an imbalance to the Combat System; when used effectively the damage per minute was increased significantly.

    Four tick auto-attacking (4TAA)

    4TAA revolves around delaying your abilities to weave auto attacks inbetween, thus increasing your DPM, this does not manipulate auto attack delays and thus is not a bug, as such with this update, 4TAA has not been removed.

    As always, let us know what you think below we hope you understand why these changes were necessary for the health of the game.

    The Combat Council

    The Combat Council is a part of the RuneScape development team that dedicates some of its time to trying to improve the health of both PvM and PvP. We are Mods Chaose, Daze, Dorn, Harrison, Hunter, Iago, Pi, Ramen, Ryan, Shauny, Shogun & Timbo.
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    Is that good? Is that bad? Is that justified? I don't know what to think any more.
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    Good bye C4TAA, I loved you like you were my baby, my one and only. My true love. But everything great must end one day. That day is the upcoming monday.
    I'll miss you, forever. I know you were a misfit but I loved you the way you were.
    I'll miss the countless hours I practiced you at Lumbridge combat dummies.
    I'll miss all the Telos kills you helped me clutch.
    I'll miss all the beams at AOD you helped me get.
    I never abused you and I never would've. You were too precious to macro you.

    Goodbye C4TAA, :(

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    If this is the stance you guys are taking you really should allow bindable auto attack so that you can use this method with range/melee. Not to mention with 4taa there wasn't only the bug of rewinding the clock on auto attack timers, there was also the bug of being able to put spell on bar allows you to force an auto attack 1 tick faster then when it'd naturally go off. Which you can't do with range or melee as you can't put auto attack on your bar. That should be added to even things out.

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