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Mod Shauny

Mod Shauny

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Hey everyone,

I wanted to make this post to make you aware of an update coming next Monday which will remove the Fixed Mode option from RuneScape.


Fixed Window restricts the game size to be 800x600 (4:3 aspect), a feature only used by 1% of NXT and Java players. In the future, we want to fully support the 16:9 format as our new standard for both desktop and mobile, which adds unnecessary complication to the code if we keep supporting Fixed Window mode.

We wanted to let you all know ahead of time so you're full aware of what is coming come Monday and aren't surprised!

What if I still want to play at that ratio?

You can of course select Resizeable Mode and make the window 800 x 600 if you still love playing in that resolution!
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Kaiser Nero

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I'd hope you are going to remove the Java client soon as well. But I assume since there no update for quite a while now it will take a longer :(

Or just remove the limitations for the NXT Client which are caused by the Java client such as the view field and I'd be very happy.

01-Mar-2019 14:47:48

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Thanks for the update Shauny!
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