Comp Cape Rework Dev Update

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Tom Grey

Tom Grey

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Aqua Star said:
Tom Grey said:
Easy fix to comp cape turned into this....sigh. No polls, no jmod interactions. Do they even read these thread after they post them. Reminds me of the mtx apologies.

They might poll some redesigned quest capes Lore Tier capes that nobody asked for and everybody said they don't want and nobody will need to wear due to them having no stats or teleports next month maybe if they're not busy on holiday.
Exactly my thoughts. instead of comp cape will we now have 4 comp capes (1 max with stats and 3 cosmetic without).

I am not a fan of striving for something that gives no inherent benefit. Also more than certain that new capes will come out looking worse than any sgs outfit cape slot item you can buy. So what is going to be the point in going for them. If they want to screw over people who go for cosmetics, put requirements on trim comp and save yourself some time. But how is having dozens of cosmetic capes will solve any problems?

18-Mar-2019 23:59:43

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