RS3 where is it going?

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Crush†Punch said:
- There is a massive amount of gold being created everyday from drops and subscriptions
- Players are maxing skills almost hourly
- New players are handicapped by older players by 15 years in some cases
- Skills are going up to 120 from 99 with no extra features/training methods and a lot of players have already accomplished this.

I have complete faith in RS3 as the invention skill was introduced properly right when inflation of items were flooding the grand exchange.

Here is an impossible suggestion that will probably be ignored as I am asking way too much..... maybe RuneScape 3 needs to have the 99 - 120 content filled in. Not fair to the high rollers but everyone else would benefit from this.

I'd also enjoy a quote from Admin about RuneScape 4. :D
Or how about we slow down double exp and treasure hunter promotions so 99 actually takes some time to achieve. There are millions of ideas on how to improve existing skills, add new skills, or add new content. But instead we get solak, that nobody asked for, we get patch notes as updates 90% of the time, with more bugs being added, we get constant MTX fest and we get updates that we want shelved.

Itís not that the game is becoming easier, The problem is that lack of quality updates drives players away, which creates more dead content and drives even more players away. Then we get into a situation where something like a boss release (e.g. solak) canít be done by majority of rs, because itís catered to select few. So instead of excitement, players just ignore it and continue on their pointless grind for 120 skills or 200m xp.

01-Mar-2019 00:00:48

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